• Released on:Jan 01, 1900
  • Language:Hindi
  • Genre:Crime

A young dynamic entrepreneur finds herself in a locked hotel room next to the body of her dead lover. She hires a prestigious lawyer to defend her, and over the course of one evening, they work together to find out what actually happened.


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Aminjikarai, Chennai

Sky Walk : 1:00PM , 4:00PM , 6:45PM , 10:00PM
PVR: Ampa Mall : 1:00PM , 4:00PM , 6:45PM , 10:00PM

Mylapore, Chennai

INOX : 7:20PM , 10:10PM

Velacheri, Chennai

Luxe Cinemas: Chennai : 1:10PM , 7:40PM
PVR: Grand Mall : 4:30PM , 9:45PM

Muttukadu, Chennai

Mayajaal Multiplex: Chennai : 1:00PM , 6:15PM

Pallavaram, Chennai

PVR: Grand Galada : 1:45PM , 7:45PM , 10:30PM

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